Charlotte Friends Indeed 

Gay Mens Support Group in Charlotte

Charlotte Friends Indeed is an informal supportgroup for gay men. 

We address a wide range of topics from vitality and contentment, frame working our lives, and provide a place to discuss sensitive issues for those whom depression resonates in a positive and open forum where anonymity is respected. 

The group derived from the premise that

"friends in need" are "friends indeed" and together we can encourage and support one another to "keep moving" forward.

As a peer support group in the LGBTQ community, our primary goal is to connect in healthy ways in a warm environment with other gay men on similar paths.  Here we find an abundance of friendship, acceptance, and understanding.  With much laughter and serious discussion, we begin to find ourselves "moving forward" through enlightened conversation and fellowship.

Professionals within the LGBTQ community help to facilitate to provide a healthy perspective and assistance though they do not conduct group therapy. We are not part of any other group nor wish to be a substitute.

We meet at 7:00 pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday in the library of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 1900 The Plaza.

*We are not a part of any other group nor wish to be a substitute.  Therapists are there as facilitators supporting the group and fellowship; they do not conduct therapy.